Experience the Pavilion


The Children's Peace Pavilion approaches the concept of peacemaking from a holistic perspective. The Pavilion defines peace beyond the traditional meaning of the absence of conflict or war. It's comprehensive approach focuses on four concepts of peace:


  • PEACE for ME

  • PEACE for US




Peace for ME promotes social-emotional learning, self-care, and peaceful choices.


Exhibits include:

- Masking How I Feel

- Emotion Commotion

- Dealing with Feelings

- Choose My Plate

- Make Peace a Habit

- Peace of Poetry

- Peacemakers Room

Peace for US explores interpersonal peacemaking skills emphasizing cooperation, communication, and conflict resolution.


Exhibits include:

- Puppet Theater

- Block Talk

- Humano Harambe

- Stand up to Bullying

- Harmony Hopping

- Choosing Paths of Peace

Peace for EVERYONE 
demonstrates what all people need to thrive and upholds understanding diversity.


Exhibits include:

- Philippine Village

- We All Share the Same World

- Languages of Peace

- Reading Loft

- Explore the World

Peace for THE PLANET 
encourages environmental responsibility and sustainability.


Exhibits include:

- Jane Goodall's Roots and        Shoots

- Rainforest Puppet Role-play

- Peaceful Planet Puzzles

- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

- Recycled Art

- Leave Your Mark on the World