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Experience the Pavilion


The Peace Pavilion approaches the concept of peacemaking from a holistic perspective. The Pavilion defines peace beyond the traditional meaning of the absence of conflict or war. It's comprehensive approach focuses on four concepts of peace:


  • PEACE for ME

  • PEACE for US




Peace for ME promotes social-emotional learning, self-care, and peaceful choices.


Exhibits include:

- Carin Corner

- Good Food Dude

- Facing My Feelings

- Hue Umbra (Color Shadow Room)

- I'm Amazing

- Look Out for Peace

-Stress-less Station

-Super Peace Powers

-Worry Monster

Peace For Me Logo.jpg
Peace For Us Logo.jpg
Peace for US explores interpersonal peacemaking skills emphasizing cooperation, communication, and conflict resolution.


Exhibits include:

- Block Talk

- Giant Block Talk

- Bridge to Peace

- Positive Practice

- Harmony Hopping

- Choosing Paths of Peace

-Star Challenge

Peace For Everyone Logo.jpg
Peace for EVERYONE 
demonstrates what all people need to thrive and upholds understanding diversity.


Exhibits include:

- Australia Outback (Family)

- Peru Stilt House (Water)

- Languages of Peace (Rubbings)

- Thailand Resturant (Work)

- Pueblo Adobe House (Community)

-German School (Education)

-Zambian Market (Food)

Peace For The Planet Logo.jpg
Peace for THE PLANET 
encourages environmental responsibility and sustainability.


Exhibits include:

- How Rivers Help the Planet

- Clean Rivers

- Under the Tree (Birds and Animals)

- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

- Global Community

- Up the Tree

- Weave It Together

- Use It Again

- Leave Your Mark 

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